E-Commerce plan

I catalogue Online administrable ABM1 by you. New tool to apply or to redesign its present Web site.

Up to 30 Headings.
Without limit of Articles or Photos.
Update Online right away.
Institutional Newsletters.
With or without list of Price.
Accountant of visits.
Cart of purchases.
Data base ASP.
Without traffic limit.

100% are administered from its navigator: This system developed by So.I, allows him to control and to administer the 100% of the functions of all its vestibule from any navigator (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Palm, Operate, Firefox, etc.) Multi Languages: The system allows him to form two sites in the languages that you need. Primary Webs pages: The site contains in a privileged place, links to fixed pages that are: Personalización: Its logo, its commercial legend in a visible place that accompanied all the pages by site. In So.I we can collaborate in the construction of the “Lock and fell” of the Company. Who we are: Institutional information enters. Conditions: Conditions of merchandise delivery, insurances, logistic, payments, etc. Orders: Form of orders constructed according to the requirement of the company. Contáctenos: Form where the users ask for additional information. Beginning: It transfers to the user at the beginning of site. 20 accounts of mail with own dominion: Account with 20 accounts of mail to administer from Outlook Express or Webmail. Change online: Of all the phrases and words it will be able to change to all the phrases and words with which the system communicates, being able this way to accommodate the ways of expression to criterion. Change in the act of up to 15 aesthetic combinations of site: it will be able to change to the aesthetic combination of his site when it requires it (15 Options). Change in the act of all the blocks: With this tool you. it can move all the blocks of site of a place towards another one, according to is his affability. Integral change of the content of bellboys from administration will be able to be changed the text of each one of the bellboys of site.

Site with own dominion: The system will be placed in Internet responding to the own dominion of the COMPANY. Creation of pages Web: This system allows him to create catalogues Online from the administration, just by to add page, I title, and contents texts or images and the system wrath adding links to the pages that are creating. Incorporation of the news with images: The system allows him to generate the news or contents with an image associated to the same one. Service of surveys: It allows him to create from administrator limitless surveys, which will be seen and executed by the users, generating automatically a visualization Online of voted percentage of the different options that are placed. System of management of banners: It allows the own one advertising promotion of balances or supplies actualizables right away. East Links Recomendar site: The user just by to put his direction of email, its name and those of a well-known will be able “to recommend this site in click” and he arrived to him thus at more users. To add to favorites: It includes a Link that it makes possible to him in click to get up itself to the navigator of the user. System of subscription and loss of users: It is a Link that registers with all its data to new users habitual of way of fidelizar the commercial community of site. This makes possible the catalogue shipment, supplies, promotions, communications Online to registered users. Control of visitors of the site: You will be able from your navigator to control and to know the visits and amount users who receives. Inclusion of key words (Meta Tag): This tool even contributes better the positioning of commercial his site in a finder. These words keys also are administrable so that you can position your site. Service of postal shipment: This service him it allows the administrator of the site to send postal to other users. These commercially are sent for salutings, anniversaries, invitations, etc. With which it covers his social aspects. Updates without position: So.I offers the service him without update position of the proposed system. Our Soft, this permanently being developed with innovations through the investigation and practice it. This service post sale is gratuitous. Qualification: This system is given in its Company and you count on 5 hours of support to enable to that will be the Administrator of site. also he receives permanently information on updates and support Online the 24 hours.

Photographic production of his I catalogue: We can provide the service to him of photography of its catalogues to be used in site.
Bussines Software System: Integrated WAP + E-Commerce with which it will be able to administer this site from a PALM or their CELLULAR one (Online).
Security of collection with Credit Card: System of encriptación that supervises and controls the numbers of used credit cards Online and provides authorization with electronic payment SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

All the characteristics listed in version BUSSINES, without red article limit nor.

Administrable Site that in intuitive form and to moment that it makes possible to him to update in all time totally his I catalogue Online. Data base ASP. I modulate special of Purchases or Orders Online (Cart) Facilitación to perceive money online (Credit Cards, VerySaint) Dynamic menus desplegadles. Intro animated in FLASH of last generation.

The cost of the Web site in this case is from: $7500. - (Arg) + Iva

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