Advanced training courses Under-i. Together with the School of Formation Industralist, we developed advanced training courses is present at to them and interactive (the courses are dictated in all the country), for those companies Pyme and Emprendedores whom they love to enable to his personnel in developing and improving his abilities in the handling of tools to obtain the greater benefits in the use of Internet. We can asegurarte that will accede to the information of the last generation. We counted on Experience in Education of but of 20 years and between educational described ours are founders of the University of Shine, Educators of the Staff of Microsoft, Argentine Institute of Computation, School of Businesses of the Cane Foundation, among other prestigious organizations. All trajectory in which one talks about to educate stops levels of successful industralists, today put to dispocision so that you are whom you attack and not the target!

Making businesses from Internet. Like arming a branch virtual to increase sales from the network.

Strategies use, administration and marqueting to stabilize you Web site. Techniques for which they use electronic mail. The projects, with head. To sell a product, an image or a service. Knowing and combining the Network. Massive email, nonSpam. Your virtual branch. The attention Online. Selling by Internet with new techniques of Marketing. The most common errors. Security in the sites. Successful commercial pages Web. Legislation Online. E-Commerce and E-Shop. Image of the company. Selling or Buying. The advantage at the time of being the buying company (Important). Own systems.

The course is interactive (two people by PC). One simultaneously works Online and in real time of way to be able to study and to apply each case. A Soft of management with applications, shipments d E-Mails, data base and tools of management is given.

Duration of the Course:
Four classes of three hours. Attendance certificate is granted.